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How to Fill a Colibri Lighter

Fill a butane lighter from the bottom inlet valve.
Lighter image by Aqeel Ahmed from Fotolia.com

Colibri is a company, that among other things, produces high-end butane cigarette lighters. There are three types of Colibri lighters: single, double and triple jet flame. These lighters are intended to be refilled and reused, much like Zippo lighters. If you take proper care of your Colibri lighter, it should for years and years. Although these lighters are very expensive, they can be cost efficient in the long run if you take good care of them.

Turn the flame height adjuster on the bottom of the lighter to the lowest setting by turning it clockwise. There are three different kinds of flame height adjusters: hand, thumbnail and screwdriver. If you have a screwdriver flame height adjuster, you will need to use a slotted screwdriver to turn the adjuster.

Hold the lighter away from your face. On the bottom of the lighter there is a refill valve. Push down on the valve with a screwdriver to let the compressed air out. You will know all the air has escaped when you no longer hear a hissing sound.

Turn the lighter upside down, so the flame end is facing the ground. Insert the stem of the refill container into the refill valve and press down. Hold the refill can in this position for five seconds. Remove the stem of the refill can from the refill valve, and tap down on the valve once with a screwdriver to force out the remaining air. Wait three to four minutes to let the gas reach room temperature before attempting to use the lighter again.

Turn the flame adjuster counterclockwise when you are ready to use the lighter again.

Things You'll Need:

  • Clean butane fuel refill at 45 psi pressure
  • Slotted screwdriver


  • Lighters are highly combustible. Refill your lighter in a cool, open area to avoid combustion.
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