Facts About Romero Britto

Romero Britto is a pop artist from Brazil who specializes in painting, multimedia works, sculpture and installation pieces. He is one of the most collected pop artists in the world and is particularly popular in South America and many parts of Europe. He also is one of the only pop artists to strongly appeal to children.


Romero Britto is known for using bright colors in his works, often in geometric patterns. His favorite color is yellow and it is a common color in his paintings.


The subjects of Romero Britto's work are generally simple. He paints many animals, from dogs and cats to monkeys and koalas, as well as people in various situations: children playing sports, or women eating brunch.


Romero Britto has two main galleries, which he owns. One is in South Beach, Florida and the other is in Sao Paolo, Brazil. His work is shown, however, in hundreds of other galleries across the world.


Britto has done many portraits of famous people. These include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gloria Estefan, Andre Agassi and Michael Jackson.

Flying Hearts

There is one subject that could be considered Romero Britto's signature object, which appears in many paintings and on many accessories sold at his gallery. It is a red heart with two white wings coming from either side of it.