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Wheelwriter Typewriter Troubleshooting

IBM introduced the Wheelwriter series in 1984. They were developed by IBM and produced by Lexmark International. The first two IBM Wheelwriter models, the Wheelwriter 3 and Wheelwriter 5 typewriters, offered cartridge printwheels along with advanced electronic functions.


In 1991, IBM and Clayton & Dubilier Inc. created a new information products company, Lexmark International. The purpose of Lexmark was to develop, manufacture and sell typewriters and other office equipment with the IBM trademark. Lexmark is the source of any current information about Wheelwriter typewriters, their operator's guides and replacement parts.

Considerations and Troubleshooting

Many of the troubleshooting solutions for the Wheelwriter series can be found by reading the operator's guides, but you must know the correct model number. The operator's guides can be found on the Lexmark website under Publications. Beside "IBM Typewriters," a drop-down menu lists all the Wheelwriter models. Select the appropriate model, and the operator's guide will come up in a pdf format.

Typewriter Repair and Reconditioning

Some companies specialize in reconditioning and repairing older model typewriters. For example, the Batchelor Business Machines website notes the company is an authorized dealer for the new series of Wheelwriter typewriters and the authorized Lexmark dealer for the Diamond Series of Wheelwriters. Supplies can be purchased through the site. Typewriters.com will service IBM typewriters and sells parts and supplies through the site as well.

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