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Easy Way to Make a Cinnamon Incense Stick

Burning incense is an ancient tradition. It is used in religious and spiritual ceremonies all over the world. Incense generally comes in two types; non-combustible and combustible. Non-combustible simply means that it will not burn on its own and must be burned over charcoal or other heat source. Combustible means that it burns on its own. Incense sticks are considered combustible. They are lit and burn steadily. Making your own cinnamon incense is fun and the fragrance is a pleasant, inexpensive treat.


Several ingredients are required to make you own creations. Cinnamon essential oil can be purchased at health food stores or online. Punks can be purchased online at such places as scentsations4u. DPG is available from candle making stores, hobby stores or online.

You will also need a glass jar and paper towels or a screen.

Making Incense Sticks

Making cinnamon incense sticks can be ultra easy if you purchase prepared sticks or 'punks' that are fragrance free. Punks may be familiar to you if you use them to ignite fireworks.

To infuse these sticks with cinnamon fragrance, mix several ounces of solvent liquid (DPG) with a few drops cinnamon essential oil depending on the scent strength you prefer. Dipropylene Glycol is commonly known as DPG. It is an odorless, burnable liquid and should be used instead of alcohol as alcohol smokes when burned.

Stir the cinnamon and DPG mixture and pour into a glass jar or glass dish. Place the sticks into the glass container and soak them in the mixture for 24 hours. Store the leftover liquid in a glass jar for later use.

Place the sticks on paper towels or a screen to dry. Allow to dry for a minimum of 48 hours before use.

More Advanced Options

Although you can make your own sticks from scratch, the process is a bit more complex. You will need to grind the cinnamon and add an ignition source such as saltpeter (potassium nitrate) and roll the stick.

Begin your quest for the warm, heartening scent of cinnamon incense with this simple method and perhaps the lure of homemade incense will have you undertake the more complex project.

16 ounces of the scent can make approximately 500 sticks, allowing plenty of your handmade scent creations to share with friends.

Try other mixtures such as combining cinnamon oil with other essential oils such as sandalwood or orange oil. Experiment to find the perfect blend.

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