How To Easily Open a Combination Lock

Combination locks provide protection for your private property.
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Depending on what is most important to you, you'll want to make sure you have a secure, safe way to store your valuables. Combination locks are a thrifty and efficient way to secure all of your prized and valuable possessions. However, if you've had problems in the past opening your lock, this will provide helpful insights to solve your lock problems. Issues like stuck combination faces and sticky locking mechanisms are addressed below!

Using the example (10-19-30), follow these guidelines: Spin the dial a few times to clear the lock of previous entries. Turn the dial clockwise to the first number (10). Turn the dial counter clockwise to the next number (19). Finally, turn clockwise to the last number. Pull open the lock. The secure clasp should release.

Use a combination lock to secure a locker, a bicycle, a case, a briefcase, or any other item that stores (and provides access for a combination lock). Keep the lock in a temperate climate to prevent rusting or other metallic reactions with air, water or other chemicals.

If your combination lock face is stuck--or doesn't glide easily--drip a very small amount of baby oil onto the face itself. Using your fingers, rub the baby oil into the face. Also rub it into the cracks and creases. Spin the dial a number of times. Reapply baby oil as necessary. Only a small amount should be necessary. Continue to spin the dial until the sticky mechanism glides again as usual.

If the locking mechanism itself is stuck, pull out your graphite. Open your lock so the mechanism swings freely. Spread a small amount of graphite on your fingers. Apply this to the bar and to the interior of the hole where the bar enters the lock. Spread an even coating. Minimize any spillage onto the dial face. Open and close the lock several times until the mechanism grips nicely and releases smoothly.

Retain the paper on which the combination is located. You will need this if you ever forget the combination or need to loan the lock to a friend or family member. However, keep the combination a secret from all those whom you distrust or do not know. Your valuables are only as safe as the secrecy of the combination.


  • Do not leave your combination lock unlocked on any device that contains valuables.