Dressy Chiffon Bolero Sewing Projects

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If you suffer from a flat chest, wearing a bolero jacket will help diminish that physical problem visually, according to New Mexico State University. Bolero jackets can be plain in design, trimmed with ruffles and made from many different fabric materials. For a more fluid bolero jacket you can wear for dressy occasions, use chiffon fabric.


Before you embark upon sewing your own bolero jacket, consider the color you will use, as color can highlight your attributes and facial coloring or work against your overall appearance. In addition, consider which figure shapes look best in bolero jackets. If you are flat-chested or have round shoulders or a long waist, a bolero jacket will flatter your figure, according to the New Mexico State University. Wearing a bolero jacket can also make you look taller and thinner.


Chiffon fabric is lightweight and airy. This fabric type is made from animal fibers. These animal fibers -- known as silk -- are created from a silkworm's cocoon. This makes chiffon a delicate material that is easily damaged if not handled carefully. Ironing your chiffon bolero jacket will require turning it inside out first and using a very low heat setting.

Simple Bolero

Simplicity Pattern 2478 provides you with pattern pieces suitable for a sleeveless bolero (trimmed or untrimmed), as well as short sleeve and long sleeve bolero options. Flat-chested women measuring 30 1/2 inches in the bust with a waist of 23 inches will use a size 6 pattern, requiring as little as 1 -- or as much as 2 1/4 yards -- chiffon material for the project. You will not have to match seams with chiffon material, as you would with cotton in a plaid pattern. In addition, you will not want to add any embellishments to your chiffon bolero, eliminating the need for buttons, fur trim or other jacket additions. You will need thread.

Ruffled Bolero

With a little more material -- up to 3 yards for an extra-large sized pattern -- you can create a ruffled bolero with extended shoulders and elasticized sleeves. A wide collar cascades down the length of the bolero in ruffled form, including a back peplum. This ruffled bolero, when made with chiffon, will add glamor and elegance to your dress or outfit. Notions are required, including a yard of 1/4-inch wide elastic, 2 yards of 1-inch-wide elastic and thread.