DIY Plywood Art

Plywood can be cut and painted to create art.
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Art can be made from anything as long as the artist has plenty of imagination and a strong idea of how the finished product should look. One unusual medium for making art is plywood. You can cut plywood into various shapes and paint it to fit your vision. It all starts with some basic steps that you can adapt from project to project.

Draw an outline of the shape you want your plywood art to be. Start with a simple shape for your first project, like a circle or oval, and move on to more complex shapes as you grow accustomed to using the jigsaw.

Lay the plywood on the sawhorses. Make sure that the side with your drawing is visible to you.

Plug in the jigsaw and turn it on.

Place the blade on the edge of the plywood and gently push it forward to the line of your drawing.

Follow the line of your drawing with the jigsaw blade until you come back around to the point where you started cutting.

Pop the cutout from the excess plywood.

Pour the primer into the paint pan and roll the roller brush through the primer.

Paint the front and back of the plywood with the primer. Since plywood is very porous, you will need to coat it with primer so that the wood will accept the paint well.

Paint the plywood with the house or artists' paints. You can do an abstract design or a realistic painting.


You can paint both sides of the plywood shape or just one side, depending on how you would like to display it.


Always use protective eye gear when using a jigsaw.

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