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DIY: Imprints on Plastic

Pinting on plastic allows you to make crafts, such as buttons, at home.
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Printing on plastic is an easy and inexpensive way to enhance any craft project. You can make, for example, buttons, tokens, jewelry and game boards. Because plastic sheets are flat, they can be transferred to just about any surface. The fun part of printing on plastic is that your creative options are unlimited. With a few plastic sheets, a photo editing program and an ink-jet printer, you can personalize just about anything.

Select and edit the image you want to print. Make any necessary adjustments and add the desired text to the image.

Select the print option located in the toolbar or menu bar. Set your printing options to print with the highest quality.

Test print the image on a sheet of white paper to ensure the desired outcome. Make any necessary changes before printing on the plastic sheets.

Load a single plastic sheet into your printer tray with the rough side down. The ink will not adhere to the plastic sheet on the shining side.

Select the print option located in the toolbar or menu bar.

Remove the printed sheet from the printer by the edges to avoid smudges. Allow five to 10 minutes for the ink to dry. Do not touch or fold the plastic sheet until it has completely dried.

Place a sheet of plain paper between the plastic sheets to avoid damaging them or smudging the image and store the plastic sheets in a cool, dry place.


Because plastic sheets are thicker than paper, print one sheet at a time to avoid a jam.

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