How to Divine for Water

Divining for water, or dowsing, has been practiced all over the world for many years. It is defined simply as using a rod or a stick to locate water. There are many skeptics that believe this can not be done but others believe it can be based on the magnetic pull of the water. Here are a few simple steps so that you can try your hand at divining for water.

Gather all your materials, including a large water bottle. Make sure your metal clothes hanger has no plastic covering over the metal.

Fill the water bottle to the top and place it 10 feet ahead of you outside. The distances can vary. It is best to start at a close distance, then gradually increase it.

Use the metal clothes hanger as the dowsing rod. Hold it out in front of you so it can move freely and easily. The hanger needs to be horizontal at all times to get a true reading.

Walk slowly towards the water bottle. The hanger should swing side to side when you are close to, and walking over the bottle, becoming more intense as you get closer.

Try these steps again. This time have someone bury the bottle. You then walk around the area it is buried until you get a reading on your rods. Attempt this over and over using different metallic items as your dowsing rods. Determine which work best for you.

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