How to Display a Comic Book Collection

You love your comic books. It is only natural that you would like to display them proudly for all the world to see. This may be particularly true if you collect rare and vintage comic books. Thank goodness it is easy to find ways to display a comic book collection.

Set Up a Great Display for Your Comic Book Collection

Look into frames. There are specialty frames that are made specifically for displaying comic books. Collectors of vintage comic books are prime users of these frames, but they can be used for any comic book collection. You simply put your comic books in the frames (each frame holds one comic book) and hang them on your wall. The Comic Book Display Company (see Resources below) is a prime supplier of comic book frames.

Keep your comic books protected with lockable cases. These are great if you have multiple comic books in a series. You can display your favorite comic book in the series (or the first issue) in a glass panel on the top of the case, then lock up all the rest inside. You can create an attractive display with these cases if you have several comic book series that you collect. Find lockable cases at your local comic book store or online with The Comic Book Display Company.

Protect your comic book collection in a plexiglass display case. These cases are clear, allowing for unimpeded viewing of the comic book. They can be hung on a wall or laid out on a table or desk, so you have plentiful options for display. Check Ebay (see Resources below) or your local comic book store for plexiglass display cases.

Stick to the basics. One of the most simple ways of displaying your comic book collection is with plastic sheet protectors and a three-ring binder. This is a good way to display less valuable comics. Simply drop a comic book into a sheet protector, then secure the sheet protector inside a three-ring binder. A large binder will hold dozens of comic books with ease.

Find a spot to set up your display. If you have more than just a few comic books, your collection is going to need some room to be displayed properly. Set aside some space on a wall in a room with high traffic or clear off a coffee table or desk to give your collection a permanent home where others can easily admire it.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Internet connection
  • Space for setting up your display


  • Remember that light can fade or otherwise damage your comic books--keep them away from direct light.


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