Different Things to Make With Seashells

Pretty, colorful seashells can be used in many creative ways.
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If you need new inspiration for crafting, one fresh idea for a medium to work with is seashells. Whether you live somewhere where they are naturally in plentiful supply or you use synthetic ones purchased at a craft or hobby supply store, there are many different things you can make with a seashells.


A good craft project for doing both on your own and with the kids is using the seashells to give various objects a facelift. Glue the shells onto a toy chest, lamp shade or base, wastebasket, cookie jar, vase, jewelry box, or album cover. Dress up the panels in a bedroom door, frames of pictures, legs on a mismatched set of stools or the drawers of a dresser. You can cover entirely with the seashells or create a pattern.


Another take on the aforementioned idea is using seashells on a wreath, creating a beautiful bit of decoration to hang on a door, porch column or wall. Begin by either making or buying a wreath of any size. Then attach greenery by tucking it into and weaving it among the branches. If the wreath will be hung outside, attach the greenery with wire to stand up to wind gusts. Finally, attach seashells. Use only one kind of seashell or several different types: whelk, sand dollar and cowrie. Glue them on with a hot glue gun or poke holes and string them on with wire.


Turn a seashell into an eye-catching accent piece. For this application, the bigger the shell the better. A large, natural or very authentic-looking sand dollar, conch or starfish can simply be hung on a wall or set on a coffee table or bookshelf. If you’re working with a synthetic shell, be a bit more whimsical. Paint stripes on it or a pattern or one solid color that matches the room’s décor. Or glue on colorful pieces of broken tile or some beads.


Use the seashells to make decorative curios, knickknacks and paperweights. Any clear glass container with a sealable lid or cap works well for this. Empty and wash out pickle, jam, honey, salsa or spaghetti sauce jars or oil, beer, syrup, milk or juice bottles. Let them thoroughly air dry and simply fill with seashells. You can use seashells only, or increase visual interest by adding other decorative items: beads, glass or plastic globes, or pebbles.