Cute Things to Do With Diapers

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Diapers are generally used only for their intended purpose but that doesn't mean that they can't be used in other ways. Baby showers need decorations and baby diapers are a great way not only to decorate for the party, but also to leave the expectant mom with a lot of diapers that she would need anyways. This makes using diapers as decorations a win-win situation where there is nothing to throw away or waste.

Diaper Wreath

This project requires a pre-formed wreath, which can be made from any material. Foam or even a bare Christmas wreath can be used because the diapers will cover it up. Take a size one or two baby diaper and open it up. Wrap it around a section of the wreath with the front of the diaper facing inwards. Tie a piece of ribbon (in pink or blue depending on if the baby is a boy or girl) around it to secure the diaper to the wreath. Continue doing this until the entire wreath is covered. Next, take various baby items like a rattle, receiving blankets or small toiletries and tie these randomly around the wreath using more of the ribbon. The wreath can be placed on the door of expectant parents or as a decoration for a baby shower.

Message to Baby

Give one diaper to each guest at a baby shower and a permanent marker. Ask them to write a note to baby such as "Welcome to the World" or "You are Loved." It can even be a personal note if the person writing it is a family member. Use these to decorate the walls at the baby shower, they can then be transferred to the nursery. The new mom can either keep them as decorations or even use them in a pinch if they run out of diapers.

Diaper Cake with Champagne Surprise

Find a small round tray to use for the base of the cake. Place a bottle of champagne in the center of the tray, this will be used to toast the birth of the baby once she arrives. Roll disposable baby diapers and wrap a rubber band around each one to secure them. Place the rolled diapers on the tray surrounding the bottle of champagne until the entire tray is full. Next get two pieces of tissue paper (the color is up to you) and fold them into a square. Cut four slits into the center corner. This will be where the tissue paper goes over the champagne bottle. Unfold the paper and slid the slits over the bottle and smooth out the paper over the rest of the cake. Secure with a large rubber band or string. Cut off any protruding edges of the tissue paper from this first layer of 'cake.' Do the second layer the exact same way, and a third if you desire. Next take a wide ribbon (at least 3 inches wide) and wrap it around each layer of cake to cover the rubber bands. This will look like frosting or fondant for the 'cake.' Use tape to secure each ribbon layer. Lastly, decorate the cake with anything else you like. Flowers, additional colorful ribbons, baby shoes, rattles or anything else you can think of can be placed on the layers to add a custom touch to the 'cake.'

Diaper Bear

Take a size one baby diaper and roll it up, then wrap a rubber band around it. Make enough of these diaper rolls until you get the size of the body of the bear that you would like. The bear can be as big or small as you like. Arrange the diapers in a circle, wrap all the diapers in a three inch wide ribbon and secure with tape. Turn the circle so that it is standing on edge. Next, do the same thing for the head of the bear, which should be roughly half the size of the body. Secure these diapers with the same three inch wide ribbon and tape. Roll six more diapers, wrapping each one individually in the three inch ribbon. These will be the two feet, two ears, and two hands. Use double-sided tape to connect these individual pieces to the body or head. Use more double-sided tape to secure the head to the body. Tie a baby bib to the body and add any other baby items to the bear such as a rattle, pacifier or bottle to make it look more like a baby bear.