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Crystal Prisms That Produce the Best Rainbows

Prisms create colorful rainbows.
prism image by pncphotos from Fotolia.com

When white light goes through a transparent material such as crystal, it separates and refracts according to its colors and then bends again and is amplified on the other side, which results in the rainbow effect.

Clear crystals in several shapes produce the best rainbows and the larger the crystal, the larger the rainbow. Full-leaded, optically pure glass, such as Swarovski crystal, cut with superior precision using the latest technology make the best rainbows.

Swarovski 50mm Lily Octagon Crystal Prism SunCatcher

The Swarovski 50mm Lily octagon crystal prism sun catcher is a popular rainbow maker. It consists of optically pure leaded crystal from Austria that is faceted to make colorful rainbows. This rainbow maker is about 2-inches thick and made of 32 percent lead crystal. It is ready to hang as a tree ornament or as a sun catcher.

It also is known as the Swarovski Art No. 8115-50. This crystal sun catcher has the laser-etched logo of the Strass receding rainbow to prove that it has an authentic Swarovski prisms drilled hole.

Clear, Colors and Shapes

The popular "Sundrop 60mm" prism by Sundrop Crystals is no longer being manufactured by Swarovski but is still available online. Sundrop Crystals also offers prisms that are shaped like pears, balls and bells. These crystal prisms come in clear or colors, such as sparkling AB, sapphire blue, antique green or rose.

Why Swarovski Crystal

Many companies claim Swarovski crystals are some of the best. Full-lead crystal must contain 30 percent or more lead oxide, and Swarovski crystal contains 32 percent so that every crystal and prism produces optimum clarity.

Some of the prisms are coated with AB, which stands for Aurora Borealis, which creates a rainbow effect. Crystal Emporium offers a large variety of prism shapes: balls, beaver tails, comets, diamonds, fairy wing, hearts, feng shui, moons, octagons, leaves, ovals, spears, stars and triangles.

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