Create a Seasonal Centerpiece and Wreath with Beautiful Fall Foliage

Foraging for foliage can be a memorable experience any time of year, but it is particularly beautiful in the fall when the leaves are turning and there are so many breathtaking and vibrant colors. Making a wreath or centerpiece from foraged foliage is not only fun and easy, but the end result is one of rich colors, texture and movement.


When foraging for foliage, you can look for Willow, Virginia Creeper or Grape Vine, crab apples, wild berries, etc.

Foraged Wreath

Cut several long vines and loosen from bushes or shrubs.


Please ensure you are not collecting poisonous vines, such as poison ivy. Use gloves and tall boots when foraging in the forest.

Untangle the vine pieces and remove any of the wilted or dried out leaves.

Form vines into a circular shape or place in a large round container to form the shape.

Wrap some of the strands of vine around the round bundle, tucking in the ends of each vine.

Secure the vines into the wreath shape by tying it together with jute twine in several places.

To attach the crab apples, insert floral wire through the bottom of the apples, leaving exposed wire on both sides.

Attach the apple by wrapping the floral wire around the wreath vine.

Alternatively, you could insert floral skewers into the bottom of the apples to attach them to the wreath.

Simply tuck the skewer into the wreath vine.

Foraged Centerpiece

To make a beautiful foraged centerpiece, loosely place vine or apple branches in a vase. You can use the same method of attaching a long skewer to the bottom of the apples and simply place them in the vase. Vary the heights of the vines and apples, and garnish with a few sprigs of wild berries.

The beauty of these arrangements and wreaths lie in their loose, natural and untamed look. Whether you choose to display your wreath outdoors - where it will last longer - or indoors, we hope you enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer.

About the Author

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