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Crafts Using Oyster Shells

Oyster crafts will stand out in your home.
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Turn old oyster shells into something people may not have seen. Always boil the shells before using to sanitize them and prevent odors. You can also use fine sandpaper to sand down the rough edges. Some shell crafts are simple and others take precision and time.

Salt And Pepper Servers

For a simple craft use oyster shells as salt and pepper servers. These are nice for dinner parties when you want to place salt and pepper at different points on the table. This way all the guests can get to the salt and pepper. Boil the oyster shells to get the grime off and shine the inside of the shell. Let them dry thoroughly and fill the center of the shell with salt or pepper. The shells have a lip that makes pouring salt or pepper easy.

Oyster Shell Candles

Oyster shell candles can light up the dinner table, the patio or the living room. Take a votive candle and start burning the bottom with a match or lighter. Once the wax starts melting, stick the candle in the shell and allow it to set. These can be used over and over for candle holders.

Oyster Shell Dish

Oyster Shell dishes can be used for jewelry or a holder for your keys. You need white vinegar, a scrub brush, small bowl, craft knife, iridescent heavy-body acrylic white paint, pearl beads and glue. Clean the shell by putting it in a small bowl with white vinegar and let it soak for two hours. Then take the scrub brush and scrub off the remaining scum. Use the craft knife to cut off the hinge of the shell. After that clean with soapy water and let dry. Paint the inside of the shell with the white paint to make it shine. Add pearls for decoration on the underside.

Oyster Shell Centerpiece

For this craft you need several dozen oyster shells, a hot glue gun and a tea light candle. The final piece resembles a large flower. Take five shells, place them inside up and glue them in a circle, making sure the tea light fits in the center. You will continue to take shells and glue them in larger circles, arranging them so that the new layer is larger than the layer above it. Glue the shells to the other shells. Continue doing this until you have nine layers. Glue four shells facing down under the last layer as feet for the centerpiece.

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