How to Convert a TV Armoire Into a Sewing Station

Convert your TV armoire into a sewing center.
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With the rising popularity of plasma or LCD (liquid crystal display) televisions, TV armoires, which hid the bulky TV predecessors, are becoming a thing of the past. Because of this change, a lot of unused entertainment centers and TV armoires are donated, sold in garage sales, handed down to friends and relatives or being put out with the trash. There is, however, another way to use the TV armoire so that it will not go to waste. It can be repurposed into a sewing or craft station.

Wipe your TV armoire with damp cloth to remove dust and dirt. If the finish is still in good condition, clean it with Murphy's Oil Soap to retain its shine. If it is scratched, you may want to refinish, restain or paint the wood. You can use regular paint that can be used for wood or you can use milk paint for a more country look. Paint both inside and out.

Attach fabric to the inner cabinet wall with a spray-on starch, glue or staples. Spraying starch would not damage the wood, and it will allow you to remove or change fabric easily if you want to. You can also add the fabric on the inner side of the armoire doors.

Add teacup hooks on the inner cabinet wall and doors to hang items such as your scissors, tape measure and fabric samples.

Staple batting and matching fabric to cover a cork board large enough to be a message board. Lay out the ribbon across the board in a criss-cross pattern, and secure the ribbon with thumbtacks. The ribbon will provide you with a place to hold pictures, memos, notes and photos. Hang the message board either on the inner wall of the cabinet or the inner part of the cabinet doors.

Place your sewing machine on the TV tray that slides out. If your armoire's shelf doesn't slide out, measure the depth of the armoire and purchase sliders or tracks with rollers that would fit in your cabinet. Home improvement stores will carry the sliders or tracks. Then remove the stationary shelf, install the tracks and rollers according to the manufacturer's instructions, and reconnect the shelf on top. Now you have a pull-out or slide-out shelf.

Add organizer baskets, shoeboxes or hat boxes on the remaining unused shelves, giving you a place where you can put the other items you need for your craft or sewing projects. Use every inch of space like spare drawers underneath to store folded fabrics and other craft materials.

Add a swivel high chair or stool that you can use when you sew or work on your new sewing station.

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