How to Convert Cost Per Square Foot to Cost Per Square Meter

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It's a pretty common problem you may face should you seek a rental apartment in Europe -- converting a cost per square foot to a cost per square meter. In Europe, the area measures, given that they are metric, differ considerably. This can cause difficulty in assessing relative measures of value, which may impede your plans and keep you from getting good value. For a scratch pad conversion, multiply the square foot cost tenfold. For more accuracy, use a more precise conversion calculation.

Convert a square foot cost to a square meter cost by dividing the square foot cost by 0.0929. For a cost of $2.35 per square foot, this equals $25.30 per square meter.

Convert back from square meter cost to square foot cost by multiplying the square meter cost by 0.0929. For a square meter price of $14.60, that rounds out to $1.36 per square foot.

Perform a simple area conversion from square feet to square meters using the same conversion figure, multiplying the square feet by 0.0929. Thus, a square footage of 1,035 equals 96.15 square meters.

Reverse an area figure, going from square meters to square feet, by dividing the square meters by that figure. Accordingly, a 58 square meter area is about 624 square feet.



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