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How to Clear a Jammed Parker Mechanical Pencil

Keep your mechanical pencils operational by removing jams as they occur.
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Parker mechanical pencils are so durable that they are often in use decades after the initial purchase. Though they’re tough and long-lasting, they can still jam on occasion. These jams consist mainly of pieces of lead stuck in the pencil’s lead feed mechanism; as long as the lead remains, the pencil is of no use. Clearing the jam is a quick and simple process. With the proper tool, this takes only a minute or two, with no damage to the pencil.

Unscrew the tip of the mechanical pencil from the pencil body. Check for any obstruction by holding it up to the light. If you can see the light clearly, the tip is clear; if not, you’ll need to remove the obstruction.

Press a clean-out rod through hole in the front of the tip until you reach the obstruction. Push from the tip and clear the path.

Use the same rod to clear jams throughout the lead-feeding mechanism. Remove the top of the pencil to access the top of the lead channel. Press the button that advances lead through the body of the pencil and hold it down. Push the rod into the base of the lead channel until you hit the obstruction. Continue to push the rod through, pressing the jam out of the channel. Release the button. Reload the channel with a new lead.

Replace the tip and top of the pencil. Use the pencil as you normally would.


  • Make certain your clean-out rod is no larger in diameter than the pencil-feed channel to avoid splitting the channel.
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