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How to Clean Snowbabies

Like any ornament, Snowbabies may attract dust and need cleaning. However, you shouldn't simply wash these winter ornaments in a bowl of water. They are made from porous porcelain bisque -- if they are submerged in water, they may actually get dirtier over time rather than cleaner, as the bisque may become blocked up.

Deal With Dust and Light Dirt

The manufacturer of Snowbabies, Department 56, recommends that you clean figurines by dusting them with a feather duster. You may find it easier to use a small soft artist's brush or, if you prefer, use a hairdryer on a cool setting or a compressed air device. If your Snowbabies have been handled a lot, it may also be worth sprinkling a little talcum or baby powder over them to take off any surface oils. Leave the powder on the figurines for a few minutes and then dust it off.

Snowbabies Handling Tips

To keep your Snowbabies as clean as possible, handle them carefully and clean them regularly to remove dust and light dirt. It may be worth storing them in a cabinet or display case. When you touch them, you may transfer dirt and oils from your skin -- to avoid this, consider wearing gloves when you handle and clean them. If you don't want to wear gloves, make sure to wash your hands before you touch your figurines and avoid wearing skin creams which may transfer oils onto them.

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