Cedar Wood Crafts

Cedar is a popular material with many woodworking enthusiasts. Cedar is a durable, easy-to-carve wood with a pleasant scent that's ideal for a variety of projects. You can purchase cedar at craft and hobby stores or from a local lumber yard. You can buy cedar in blocks, strips or as cut sheets. Learning to make cedar crafts isn't difficult and there is never a shortage of ideas for crafts you can make. Here are some of the most popular projects you can make with cedar.


Cedar is ideal for making birdhouses. You can easily glue cedar with wood glue for a strong bond or nail your birdhouse together, and since cedar has such a beautiful natural finish, you don't have to worry about painting your birdhouse. Use a clear varnish protect against the elements and extend the life of your cedar birdhouse.

Patio Furniture

Cedar is an excellent choice for patio furniture. The natural deep red color of cedar makes attractive patio furnishings. You could do a picnic-style table or a set of lawn chairs. You can purchase materials at a craft store to make cushions for your chairs as well. The cost of a set of homemade cedar furniture could be as little as half the cost of what you'd pay if you purchased the same furniture at a retail store, and just as attractive and durable.

Toy Box or Hope Chest

Cedar is a popular wood choice for toy boxes and hope chests. You could make these projects using simple hand tools. Most of the cedar purchased in hobby and craft shops is sanded and ready to use. To make these projects even more attractive, use a woodburning pen to engrave someone's name. The natural color of cedar makes the woodburning stand out.


Cedar is a perfect wood for making homemade toys. Derby cars, dollhouses, cabins and airplanes are just a few of the toys that can be carved from cedar. Although cedar is naturally beautiful in color, you can use acrylic paint for your toys because the wood holds paint well. If you prefer not to paint over your cedar, you can always add a clear protective gloss to increase the lifespan of your toys so they can be handed down from one generation to the next.

Musical Instruments

Use cedar to make a flute, whistle, or ocarina. Wind instruments made from cedar are not only functional, they are beautiful decorative items as well. You can find plans for making musical instruments from cedar at hobby and craft shops or some music stores.