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Carrom Game Board Rules

About Carroms

Carrom is a board game similar to pool, only it involves flicking small discs at each other with fingers instead of shooting balls with a stick. The object is to sink all of one color of "carrommen pieces" as well as the red queen piece into the four holes in the corners of the board.


The red queen piece is placed in the center of the board. The other pieces are placed in a six-piece circle around the queen alternating between white and black, with the remaining 12 forming another circle around that circle. They must be arranged so a Y shape is formed by white pieces with the queen in the center.

Game Play

The first player breaks the circle of pieces by shooting the striker. Players will then try to shoot their own color pieces into one of the four corner holes on the board. A turn continues as long as the player legally sinks a piece.

Shooting Rules

The striker must touch both base lines on the shooting player's side of the board when shot. A player must flick the striker to shoot it, not push it. The player can't leave the chair to shoot or place any body part except the hand within another quadrant of the board.

Sinking the Queen

A player must sink one of his own pieces before sinking the queen but must sink it with at least one piece remaining. Sinking another piece after the queen "covers" it and play continues until one player sinks all his pieces. If the player doesn't sink another piece after sinking the queen, the queen goes back to the center of the board.


A player who sinks all pieces gets one point for every opponent's piece that is still on the board and three if he covered the queen. The winner is the first to score 25 points or have the most after eight games.

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