Cardboard Box Train Car Crafts

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The image of a train can evoke a feeling of adventure and mystery as one imagines where it may be headed. Children in particular often enjoy trains. Using a cardboard box, one can create a variety of train-related craft projects that can be used for storage or for play. All the items involved are easy to find and chances are you have most of them already.

Candy Train

Make a craft that’s as enjoyable to eat as it is to create. Find a small, cardboard box around the size of a toothpaste tube box. Decorate the box with different types of wrapped candy. You may wish to cover the sides of the box in paper so the lettering on the package is covered. To create the wheels use circular candy such as peppermints or lollipops with the stick cut off. Glue one to the front as well for the light. Stack several caramel candies on top of one another and top with a chocolate kiss to create the steam chimney commonly found on locomotives. This craft can be completed with a variety of candies of similar shapes.

Train Mail Box

Make a train mail-box for your child’s room using a shoe box with the lid removed. Using poster board, draw out the front, back, sides and wheels. Create the engine, regular car or caboose depending on the child’s preference. You may even wish to model it after some popular train characters from television or books. Color the sections in with markers, crayons or paints, adding details. After the sections are complete, cut them out and glue to the appropriate spots on the box. Place the box in your child’s room or by the door as a place that family members can leave special notes and treats.

Large Box Train Car

With a large box, such as one used for an appliance, create a kid-sized train car. This can be a great craft for use at a child’s birthday party or other party you are hosting where children will be in attendance. Turn the box into a horizontal position. At the end where the original box bottom is located, stack smaller boxes on top of one another to form the chimney. From other boxes, cut out four large wheels and place them at the appropriate locations. Cut out the top panel of the box, leaving a space for kids to sit. Place some child-sized seats inside. Paint the outside, including details such as spokes on the wheels, lights, windows and name of the train. It may be helpful to print a picture of a locomotive to use as a model. Another option would be to leave it blank for the children to decorate at the party.