Card & Dice Games

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Cards and dice have been used in games of chance for thousands of years. There are literally hundreds of card and dice games. Rules can differ in the same game played by two different families living next door to each other. Before playing a game of either cards or dice, it's wise to review the rules with your players to avoid any confusion.

Dice 1000

It's an easy and simple game, requiring five dice, paper and a pencil and can be played by two or more. Each player rolls one die and the person with the highest score goes first. A player can select how many dice he wishes to roll per turn, except the first player must roll all five the first time.

Points are awarded as follows: 50 points for every 5 100 points for every 1 If you roll three dice the same, multiply the number shown on the dice by 100 and award the points. A player can then decide to either pass his turn or roll again. If he rolls again, he can select any number of dice. If one die doesn’t score points ( 2,3,4 or 6 and not part of a triple), the player loses all points for that turn. If during any roll of five dice a player fails to get any points, they lose all points they have so far. The winner is the first to reach 1,000 points.


This is a fun game of luck and requires a flat surface and one deck of cards. It can be played in groups of two or more with ideally five players. For every five people, add another deck of cards.

Shuffle the cards thoroughly, then have someone draw a card at random. This card is the "killer card" and can be shown to everyone. For example, if the two of hearts is drawn, all two cards from any suit are killer cards. It is then placed back into the deck and shuffled. Cards are then dealt face down onto a flat surface and players take turns picking cards. If they draw the "killer card," then they are out of the game. Place all drawn cards in a discard pile. As there are four "killer cards" in one deck, the one person in the five who does not draw it is the winner.

Three or More

This is a simple game for young children. You will need paper and pencil to record scores and 5 dice. Decide how many rounds are to be played (five is a good number and allows for quick games). Each player rolls a die to decide who goes first, with the highest number rolled winning). The first player rolls the five dice. If they get three or more of the same, they get points: 3 of a kind= 3 points 4 of a kind= 6 points 5 of a kind= 12 points.

If the player only gets two of a kind, he can roll three dice again. If he gets three of a kind, he gets point. If not, he gets a zero for the turn and passes the dice to the next player. The winner is the player with the most points at the end of the set rounds.