Where Can I Rent a Metal Detector?

Jodi Jacobson/iStock/Getty Images

Options for renting a metal detector vary based on where you live or where you're vacationing. In touristy areas near beaches, a detector rental shop may be within walking distance of the beach. In other cases, a local metal-detecting club member may have detectors to rent. Some tool-rental shops also carry metal detectors.

Treasure-Hunting Areas and Beyond

Well-visited beaches along the Gulf Coast and other touristy tropical locations may have several metal-detector rental options available: beachgoers often lose change or jewelry, so metal detectors are a common sight along the sand. In some cases, rumors of old shipwrecks result in plenty of metal detector rental shops. Be sure to rent a model designed for use in the water if you intend to submerge the detector.

Rental options are also available in some mountainous or desert areas where gold ore is found. If looking for a detector in a different type of area, search your city name online, along with the term "metal detector rental" or "metal detector club." Local enthusiasts know where to rent a detector if no obvious option exists, or they may even be willing to rent you one of their own. Some shops that sell detectors also rent them. Call local tool-rental shops as well -- many have metal detectors, since it is important for homeowners to know where underground pipes lie, and a metal detector offers a means to find out.