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Can Pictures Be Stored in a Cedar Chest?

Cedar chests can hold a variety of items including pictures.
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A cedar chest lets you store linens, clothing and even pictures without the fear of dust, dirt, moths and other unwanted debris and insects destroying the items. The chests vary in size and types, and certain model chests even come with compartments for holding small items like jewelry and keepsakes. When storing pictures in a certain cedar chest, there are some precautions you need to take.

Archival Boxes

Before storing pictures in a cedar chest, place the pictures and any negatives, compact discs or related items in an archival box. Archival boxes are available at scrapbook supply, crafting and certain retail superstores as well as online. The boxes keep your pictures from any acids that may be escaping from the cedar wood. Wood acids will damage not only your pictures but also any negatives and papers stored along with the pictures.

Photo Sleeves

In addition to archival boxes, place your pictures in acid-free photo sleeves or photo albums to keep them organized and accessible. Acid-free photo sleeves and albums are also available at scrapbook supply, crafting and certain retail superstores as well as online at photo-supply outlets.

Storage Tips

Store your cedar chest in a location away from direct moisture or heat in a room or space that is not your basement, garage or attic. Moisture and heat can affect the cedar wood as well as any items inside of the chest, especially if the chest doesn’t close tightly or contains cracks. Avoid storing the chest on a porch or other area where the temperature may vary greatly.

Negative Storage Tips

When storing negatives, purchase negative sleeves for holding them. Each sleeve can hold up to seven negatives and are safe for long-term storage. Negative sleeves are also available online. Do not store your negatives in paper sleeves — the paper may contain acids that will destroy the negatives over time. Also, keep the negatives out of direct light. It is safe to store your negatives and pictures in the same archival box.

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