What Is Camphor Glass?

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Antique collectors often focus their collections upon a particular item, such as candlesticks or vases, or prefer to purchase items made from one type of material. One material that is popular with collectors is camphor glass.


Camphor glass is a cloudy gray-colored type of glass.


In the United States, camphor glass was popular during the mid-19th century when it was widely produced by manufacturers in the Midwest, explains Kovels Antiques and Collectibles.


Camphor glass pendants and brooches are popular types of jewelry. Other uses for camphor glass include candlesticks, vases, dishes, decorative knickknacks and decanters.


Some camphor glass is blown, having been produced by a person blowing the molten glass into shape by means of a long tube. Other pieces are pressed and were made by using a plunger to push molten glass into a mold to give it shape.


Camphor glass jewelry sells from between $50 and $300.


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