Cabbage Patch Kid Collector Information

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Many doll collectors focus on Cabbage Patch Kids as the main part of their collection. Most of these same collectors still prefer the original doll, over the newer editions.


In 1977, Xavier Roberts, a 21 year old art student, came up with the idea for a doll that he thought would appeal to children.

Roberts named his soft sculpture dolls (complete with birth certificates) Little People. He changed the name, in 1982, when he signed a licensing contract with a major toy company.



Cabbage Patch Kids come in several varieties. This includes Cabbage Patch Twins, Celebrity Cabbage Patch Kids and the newest addition to the clan, NASCAR Kids.



When collecting Cabbage Patch Kids, collectors should avoid purchasing dolls in less than excellent condition. Although cleaning and repair is possible, it still takes away from their overall value.



In 1983, Cabbage Patch Kids made the cover of Newsweek Magazine. Close to 3 million dolls sold that year, marking the most successful doll introduction in the toy industry.


Fun Fact

When Celebrity Cabbage Patch dolls hit the scene, Ellen DeGeneres sold her likeness on eBay for $15,000. Proceeds went to Noah's Wish and the American Red Cross.