How to Buy Designer Clothes Wholesale

Designer clothes are very desired by both men and women. Due to the high-quality materials used and cutting-edge designs, designer clothing usually comes with a hefty price tag attached. Whether you're looking to resell designer clothing for a profit or simply want to score great deals on couture items, you can purchase wholesale designer clothes. When you purchase wholesale, you generally have to buy in bulk, but you do save significant amounts of money.

Determine the specific designer whose clothes you want to purchase. There are wholesalers that are dedicated to a particular brand and those that carry various designer labels. If you have particular clothing items you are after such as pants, dresses or accessories, it will help to focus your search.

Know the market. You won't know if you're getting a good deal on wholesale pieces unless you know retail prices. Conduct some quick searches to see the going rates for particular items. If you'll be reselling the clothing at standard retail prices, calculate the price you'll need to pay wholesale in order to make a decent profit.

Find designer wholesale outlets. Websites such as Ice Canada, Inc. and The Fashion Depot offer wholesale designer clothing. See the links in our Resources section for access to these companies.

Contact specific designer brands directly to see if you qualify for their wholesale prices. Most brands require that you have a business license and physical location for reselling clothing in a traditional retail setting. The requirements do vary between companies.

Compare prices between a few different wholesale companies. You'll often find price variations, particularly on designer items. Take the time to fully familiarize yourself with the competition before making a commitment to a particular company.

Check the number of items you have to purchase in order to get wholesale pricing. Most wholesalers require that you purchase an item in bulk in order to get the reduced pricing on it. You'll need to project your sales on a particular piece in order to tell if it's worth it to purchase it in bulk.

Confirm that the wholesaler is an authorized designer merchant. Many people make a quick profit by deceiving the public with fake designer goods. Don't be fooled by impressive replicas. Make sure the wholesaler in question is legit and the items are, indeed, authentic. The best place to start is checking out the Better Business Bureau.

Finalize your purchase. In most cases, you can have the items shipped to your home or office. Since your order will likely be large, shipping costs can add up. Wholesale shipments can also take quite a while to reach you, oftentimes up to 12 weeks.

Things You'll Need

  • Method of payment
  • Shipping address


  • Pay for your designer wholesale clothing with a credit card. This gives you added protection if anything goes wrong with your order.


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