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How to Build a Wooden Stand for Portable Political Signs

Political signs are often used to express support for a given candidate seeking election.
votar image by caironbohemio from Fotolia.com

Political signs are a popular way to show political affiliations. Sprouting like mushrooms in the weeks or days prior to various local, state, and national elections, they are commonly made of plastic or stamped metal and staked into the ground with metal wire legs. These are relatively cheap and seem adequate for most purposes, but they still have some drawbacks. Because they contain a topical name, they are single use. Building a simple wooden sign stand can alleviate many of these problems.

Measure the dimensions of the sign(s) you want to use with your portable sign stand.

Cut a piece of 1x2 that is two inches longer than the sign is wide. Then, cut two pieces of 1x1 to the same length followed by another two pieces of 1x1 that are exactly as long as the sign is wide. Cut two pieces of 1x2 that are one inch longer than the sign is tall. These pieces will make up the frame that holds the sign in place. Cut two 3-foot pieces of 1x2 to serve as the legs and sand the cut ends of all the wood pieces until they are smooth.

Screw the two pieces of 1x2 that are an inch taller than the sign to the one that is two inches longer than its width, forming a U-shape. The wide, flat faces of the pieces should face outward (as opposed to facing forward and back, like in a picture frame), and they should be joined together so that the inside dimensions of the U are the same as those of the sign.

Screw the two longer pieces of 1x1 to the top of the U, making it a rectangle. They should be installed parallel to each other with a small space between them so that the sign can be slid down into the frame. Screw the shorter pieces of 1x1 to the bottom piece of 1x2 in the same way so that the bottom of the sign will be held in place when it is dropped into the frame.

Screw the two 3-foot segments of 1x2 to the bottom of the frame at its outermost edges. They should run perpendicular to the base piece of the frame (forming an H-shape when viewed from above). These long legs will help keep your portable frame from toppling over in case of wind.

Paint the sign holder in the color of your choosing.

Things You'll Need:

  • Pine 1x2 (12-14 ft.)
  • Pine 1x1 (4-6 ft.)
  • Saw
  • Sandpaper
  • Electric drill
  • Wood screws
  • Exterior Paint


If you find the sign stand is still being blown over by the wind, try weighting the legs with rocks.

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