Bird House Decorating Ideas

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Decorating a bird house for your home or garden allows you to explore your creativity. Many craft stores offer pre-made wooden birdhouses in a variety of shapes and sizes that are unfinished. Embellish these plain wooden bird houses to fit your outdoor décor, or hang one for show inside your sunroom.

Hand-Painted Bird House

Decorating a bird house with hand-painted designs is possible, even if you are not an accomplished artist. Stencils and templates help create decorative images if free-handed painting is not an option for you. Paint the bird house a background color before adding the hand-painted designs. Exterior spray paint works for the bird house background and acrylics work well for the hand-painted designs. Cover the finished bird house with a coat of exterior polyurethane to help the painted images last longer.

Rub-On Transfers

Rub-on transfers make decorating a bird house quick and simple. The vinyl rub-on images will transfer onto wood, glass, acrylic and metal bird houses. The transfers come in a variety of designs including butterflies, flowers, insects, birds and other colorful images that look like painted designs. Paint the bird house a background color that coordinates with the rub-on transfers that you select. After applying the transfers, coat the bird house with exterior polyurethane for protection.

Mosaic Bird House

Decorating a bird house with a mosaic design adds dimension and texture to a plain wooden structure. Use bits of broken ceramics or purchase mosaic tiles to cover the outside of the bird house. Use a waterproof construction adhesive or thinset to apply the ceramics to the wooden bird house. There’s no need to grout the mosaic if you layer the pieces or place them close together. If you do grout the mosaic birdhouse, make sure to use an exterior grout and grout sealer.

Glass Flowers

Paint your bird house in a bright shade of green, blue, yellow, red or purple as a background for colorful glass flower decorations. You can make glass flower designs around the sides of the bird house using flat-back round and oval glass cabochons. Glue the round glass beads in place as the center of the flower, and then glue the oval beads around them to make a five-petal flower. Waterproof construction adhesive works to attach the glass beads to the bird house. Decorating the bird house with the glass flowers is subjective; add a row along the base of each side or dot the entire house with the colorful glass flowers.

Copper Bird House

Bring life to an old wooden bird house by covering it with copper foil. Decorating with thin copper foil is a simple process; cut the foil to fit each side of the bird house using sharp shears or tin snips. Glue the pieces onto the wood using waterproof adhesive. The copper foil on the bird house will age into a decorative greenish patina over time. You can also paint or glue tiles or glass cabochons to the copper foil.


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