Bible Crafts for The Widow's Mite

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Bible crafts relating to the widow's mite story are available for groups of all ages, from toddlers to adult bible study groups. The biblical story of the widow's mite is a story about generosity. The story says that Jesus watched a widow place a small offering in the temple collection, while wealthy individuals donated more. He then explained to his students that the widow had made the biggest gift, because the small donation was all the money the widow had.

Crafts for Toddlers

Help your child use the flat side of the crayon.
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Even toddlers can appreciate the story of the widow's mite and perform associated crafts. One craft is a coin rubbing that uses paper, coins and crayons. Peel any paper label off of the crayons and put the coins under a sheet of blank white paper. Use the side edge of the crayon to press over the paper and coins, picking up the pattern on the coins beneath.

Crafts for Older Children

Teach older children who can use scissors safely to make a similar widow's mite craft using embossing foil, any disc shape and a wooden stylus. Have the children trace outline of the wooden disc onto two pieces of foil first. Then they decorate each side of their personal coin with a biblical theme. Once the children decorate both sides, press them together to create a custom coin craft that is unique to each child.

Advanced Crafts

Decorate pottery with real widow's mites.
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Teens and adults can make widow's mite crafts too. Purchase actual widow's mite coins at online auctions and use them to make unique jewelry or to embellish handmade boxes or pottery.