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Air Hockey Table Problems

Air hockey tables can break down.
hockey sur glace image by Sébastien Goetschmann from Fotolia.com

Air hockey tables employ small holes to propel air above the surface, allowing the plastic puck to glide along the table at high speeds. Users of these tables can encounter several different problems over the course of a game.

Poor Air Flow

Occasionally the air hockey table will not produce enough air, causing the puck to tumble, bounce or go flying off the table. This problem is most commonly caused by a faulty blower unit. Replacement units can be purchased online or at specialty game stores and cost between $125 and $175.

Dirty Table

In some cases, the air hockey puck doesn't slide along the surface even with air blowing through at normal levels. This likely means the table is dirty and needs to be cleaned. Tables should be wiped down regularly with isopropyl alcohol and paper towels. The table should be dried off immediately so the surface isn't damaged.

Broken Scoreboard

The electronic scoreboard on your air hockey table may add goals as soon as the table is plugged in. This problem stems from the table's infrared sensors not being aligned correctly. Once the sensors have been adjusted so they are facing each other, the scoreboard error should be corrected.

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