How to Add People to a Photo

Sometimes people don't make it into the photo because they missed the event or were off somewhere else. Now you can put anybody into your photo from a family member to a celebrity like Charlie Chaplin or even your favorite Disney character. You can add people to a photo using several different photo software programs including Photoshop.

Select People

Open the image of people you want to add to your photo. Go under "File," and find the image of people you want to add. Click "Open."

Choose "Image Resize" or "Image Size" under Image. Note the width and height in the Document Size section. Then click on "Cancel."

Use one of the selection tools in Photoshop to outline the person. You can use the lasso tool, the magic want tool or the magnetic lasso tool, which are icons in the Tools palette. Once selected, then you can move that part of the image, rotate it, copy it or make other edits. Add a feathering value in the Options palette to help the person blend into the new background.

Select a general area of the person with the Lasso tool by dragging the cursor around the person. Select the crosshair cursor by pressing "Caps Lock." The crosshair cursor has a dot in the center. Press the "Caps Lock" to go back to the lasso cursor. Select "Save Selection" and name your selection.

Right click the Lasso button if you wish to choose the Magnetic Lasso tool. Click to create points and move the cursor around the area you want to select. Click only where you want to create points. If you need to remove the point you just added, press "Backspace." To modify selections, use "Shift" to add to the image and "Alt" to subtract from the image.

Copy People

Open the photo that you want to add people to.

Choose "Image," "Image Resize" and note the width and height in the Current Size section. If you want, type in new dimensions in the New Size section. Click a square in the anchor grid to select the position where you want to add the people to the photo.

Position the figure onto your photo by selecting the move tool from the tool bar and dragging the figure over.

Go to the Navigator palette group and select the "Info palette" if you still want to resize. Up at the top bar across your screen; choose the W for width or H for height. These appear as a percentage. Save the image.


Use the Magnetic Lasso tool to select image areas that contain many colors. You don't have to hold down the cursor between points, as the line will automatically fill in. The Tools, Options and Navigator palettes are available under the Window menu if you can't see them on screen. Setting the Lasso tool cursor to display as a crosshair makes it easier to create accurate selections. If you want to change the size of the image and have it look natural, make sure to check the "Constrain Proportions" under "Image Size."


Use the Magic Wand tool to select an image with complex images. You cannot use Magic Wand on a bit map image.

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