About Plexiglass Forming Bending

Plexiglass forming bending requires you to have to heat the plexiglass. It must be heated to at least 260c. This all depends on how thick your plexiglass is. When it is heated, you will see that it becomes like rubber.


You need to have a simple propane torch kit. It must be a homeowners torch so that you do not get in trouble for having it. You will want to have a clamp to hold your plexiglass in place while you are bending it. You will also need a large flat surface where you can work. Try to do this in an outdoors area so that the flames can not burn anything.


When forming bending for your plexiglass, you will put your torch onto where you want the plexiglass to bend. Don't put it to close because that will cause it to burn. You will heat it until it is rubbery and then bend it to the shape you are wanting. Plexiglass is known to hold shape and be very durable.


When you heat the plexiglass, it will begin to soften. You will see it visibly change and know when to start shaping the plexiglass. Once the sheet is warm, you will want to have a something available to prop the plexiglass up to keep it in place.


You can shape plexiglass into any shape you want. Be sure to have proper gloves if you are going to shape it into something small. If you are going to form a bowl, be sure the plexiglass is thick so that it can withstand every day use. If you are bending it for a frame, the plexiglass does not have to be that thick.

Trial and Error

A lot ot the time with plexiglass forming bending, it takes trial and error to get everything perfect. The great thing is that all you have to do is reheat the plexiglass to fix the mistake you have made or to adjusst the plexiglass.