3D Fire Stations for Kids to Make

A 3D fire station provides a dramatic play prop for kids of all ages. Making the actual fire station also doubles as a craft project, extending the fun of the activity. To encourage creativity, provide the materials to the kids and let their creativity take over. Offering some suggestions when the kids get stuck keeps the project moving. Handle the cutting responsibilities to avoid injuries in younger children.


Use cardboard boxes as the base of the 3D fire station for a simple recycled craft project. Choose a box large enough to hold a toy fire truck. Tempera paint adheres well to cardboard and is a non-toxic choice for kids. A milk carton serves as a bell tower on top of the fire station. Additional materials needed for the project include newspaper to cover the work area, glue and paintbrushes.

Creating the Building

Draw a large door opening on the front of the cardboard box. Cut the sides of the door, leaving one side intact to serve as the hinge. Fold the door along the intact side to form a crease. Cut out windows if desired.

Let the kids paint the entire outside of the box to decorate the three-dimensional fire station. Paint the milk carton and decorate it with a window to create the bell tower, attaching it to the top of the fire station with glue. Add a sign to the front of the fire station.

Creating a Fire Truck

An old egg carton serves as the base for a recycled fire truck to accompany the fire station craft. Leave four egg cups intact at one end of the carton to create the cab of the fire truck. Cut off the remaining cups and save them for another project. Give the fire truck a coat of red paint.

Milk carton lids attached with paper brads create the wheels. A bendable drinking straw works well as the hose. Add any other personalization to the fire truck using paint or markers.


The 3D fire station allows the kids to engage in dramatic play, using their imaginations to create play situations. This craft project works well at home or in a classroom. The nature of the project makes it fit well with lessons on fire safety or recycling. Small toys shaped like firefighters work well with the homemade fire station toy. Put the fire station out of kids' reach when not in use to extend its life.