How to Divide a Bedroom for 2 Kids

Brothers looking at a laptop in their bedroom wearing their pajamas.
Andersen Ross/Blend Images/Getty Images

As kids grow up, chances are they’ll want their own space. If you don’t have enough bedrooms in your house for each child to have their own, the only way to allow privacy is to divide a shared bedroom into two. The larger the room, the easier it will be to divide, but even small bedrooms can work as two separate spaces if you choose the right dividers.

Divide the room with a piece of furniture. A tall bookcase, an armoire or even a window screen can work. If you use an open pieces of furniture, such as a bookcase, fill it with boxes, books or toys, so there’s some sense of privacy on each side.

Paint each half of the room in a different color. Use matching tones if you don’t want a stark contrast. Home and Garden TV recommends placing a bookshelf to divide the space, then painting each half of the room in different colors to further mark the division. To unite the room somewhat, paint the whole room a base color and then let kids personalize their halves of the room with stripes in their chosen colors. Or paint each half of the room a different color, but paint all door and window trims the same color so the whole room comes together.

Put the heads of the two beds together. Place the two headboards against each other so the beds face in opposite directions, and the view from each bed will feel very private. Choose tall headboards, or make your own using plywood and paint it or cover it with cloth.

Give each child his own pieces of furniture. Have two dressers, two small wardrobes and two small chairs or sitting areas. Place each child’s pieces on his side of the room. This will increase the feeling of separation.

Give each child her own lighting fixtures. This will avoid fights over the ceiling lights when one kid wants to read and the other wants to sleep. Floor or table lamps on each side of the divider will do the trick.

Use heavy drapes to divide the room. Home furnishing and construction stores often sell rails you can attach to the ceiling to suspend a curtain or drapes. These rails are often simple to install, and you should be able to do it yourself with just a few basic tools.