How to Use a Boss RC-20XL Looper

guitar image by Melissa Schalke from

Things You'll Need

  • Boss RC-20XL Looper
  • Left and Right Boss RC-20XL pedals
  • Electric guitar
  • CD player
  • Amp
  • Microphone
  • Any electric instruments that Plug in with jacks

For serious guitarists looking to lay down some tracks, the Boss RC-20XL Looper is a powerful yet simple recording tool. The RC-20XL lets you record, playback, overdub and layer your music with this professional quality recording device. And at just $260, it's also a very cost-effective tool.

Hook your guitar and amp or other electric instrument into the proper inputs on the back of the Boss RC-20XL with jacks. Also connect the left and right Boss Pedals to the back of the looper.

Find an empty track on the RC-20XL to record in, and press the MODE button to make sure it recognizes that your guitar is plugged into the looper (the INST indicator light will light up). Turn the INST knob on the looper to adjust the recording level volume. Make sure the PEAK indicator lights up.

Tap the right pedal or Tap Tempo button several times in the tempo you want if you need the looper to keep the rhythm for you. If you want the looper to record automatically when you start playing without it keeping time for you, select the Auto Start button on the indicator light.

Press the left pedal to start recording. If the looper is set to Auto Start, it will record automatically. If it is set to Tap Tempo, the looper will begin recording one measure after pressing the left pedal. To stop recording, press the left pedal again.

Press the left pedal again if you want to overdub on the track. Begin recording the second layer over the previous track, and press the left pedal to stop recording. Press the right pedal when you are done recording the entire track.

Save this phrase by hitting the Write button (the indicator light will flash). Find an empty track with the Phrase Select knob where you will save this phrase. Press the Write button again to save this.