How to Make a Tea Cart

How to Make a Tea Cart. Tea carts are an elegant way to serve refreshments to guests and making it yourself will spark conversation as well. The beautifully polished final product will take some labor; but when you break it down step by step, it's a project you can do and feel really good about completing. Your guests will be amazed. Read on to learn more.

Create a Plan

Determine the size of your project. You'll want to know how tall you want your tea cart to stand and how large you want the trays to be when complete.

Choose the style of spindles you want to hold the two trays in place. They can be as decorative or as simple as you prefer. Pick a spindle that matches to use as the tea cart handle.

Purchase locking wheels for the bottom of the tea cart. Take into consideration the weight of what you will carry on the tray when choosing the wheels.

Prepare to Build

Cut your wood to the desired length. You can also have the lumberyard cut them for you.

Lightly sand all the pieces and clean with a tack cloth.

Stain the wood sections the color of your choice prior to assembly. This step makes staining detailed pieces such as intricate spindles easier to complete. Allow them to dry thoroughly.

Build the Tea Cart

Connect the bottom tray and top tray with 4 spindles. Drill pilot holes to avoid splitting the wood. Insert the screws and screw the spindles onto the trays. Use wood glue to strengthen the bond.

Place decorative caps or finials on the top and bottom to hide screw holes. If you prefer a more simple look, you can skip this step.

Attach decorative trim work to the sides of each tray, creating a lip to help keep items being moved safe.

Screw the wheels to the bottom of the cart. Lock them in place.

Secure the handle in place at a height you find comfortable by attaching to the top tray using wooden brackets. These can be as decorative or as simple as you choose. Be sure to drill pilot holes to prevent damaging the wood pieces.

Finishing Touches

Wipe away any seeping wood glue.

Cover the screw holes by using wood putty or dowels made for that purchase. These dowels can be purchased at any home improvement store.

Using a cotton swab, touch up any scratches in the wood stain.

Wipe your tea car thoroughly using a slightly moistened soft towel.

Apply polyurethane to protect the wood surfaces of your tea cart. Allow to dry. Next, Sand lightly and clean with a tack cloth. Use three layers of polyurethane to build a strong layer of protection.


There are multiple online sources for online plans if you wish to build sets or create a variety of projects. Birch, ash and oak all work well for this project.

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