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How to Make a Bicycle Cup Holder

Hard biking requires proper hydration and a cup holder can help.
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Whether you enjoy riding a bicycle everywhere or just for leisure, chances are you’ll need to hydrate. Oh, wait! You have nowhere to put that bottle of water (or feel free to substitute with any of the -ades, juice, Slurpee and so on). You need a cup holder for your bike. For all the hipsters out there, go ahead and pimp out your fixed gear with an inexpensive, yet sleek DIY bicycle cup holder.

Things You'll Need:

  • Permanent Marker
  • 2 6- By 30-Mm Chrome Socket Head Bolts
  • Power Drill
  • 2 6-Mm Chrome Socket Nuts
  • 2 ¼-Inch Nylon (Or Rubber) Spacers
  • Socket Wrench
  • 1 Chrome Cup Holder

Start by positioning the cup holder on the handlebar. It is recommended that you turn the cup holder to the outward (in front of the handlebars) if you tend to travel at faster speeds, and inward if you ride at a more leisurely pace.

Align the clamp to the cup holder bracket and mark where you will drill the two holes (they will be almost directly in center). Drill the holes. If you have done this correctly, the holes you drilled into the bracket will align with the holes on the clamp.

Attach the cup holder to the handlebar. Insert the socket head bolts into the bracket holes, through the spacers, and finally through the clamp.

Screw the socket nuts onto the ends of the bolts and tighten. The spacers will provide some shock absorption during the ride. With everything fitted and tightened, the cup holder should now be installed.

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