Value of Old Bank Safes

By Lisbeth Booth
An antique bank, anything
vintage toy bank safe with cash image by Scott Williams from

While they might not seem as kitschy as vintage salt shakers or kooky coffee mugs, antique bank safes are highly collectible. If you happen to have an old safe that you're looking to get rid of, you might just find yourself laughing all the way to the bank.

Square and Rectangular Safes

Classic square and rectangular safes are what usually come to mind when envisioning old bank safes. These safes vary greatly in size. They can auction for several hundreds of dollars for the smaller sizes or several thousands of dollars for safes that weigh one or two tons.

Cannonball Safes

Cannonball safes are spherical in shape and often sat in the public area of a bank. Many of these safes are quite ornate. These safes are particularly collectible, and some are very rare. For this reason they can be very valuable, often selling for several thousand dollars, if not more.

Variables Determining a Safe's Value

The rarity and ornateness of a safe usually affects its overall value. Like most antique items, the condition of the safe is also very important. A working safe tends to be worth much more than one that has been damaged or no longer properly locks and unlocks.

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