How to Use Quilting Stencils Easily

By eHow Contributor
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Do you love to quilt? Do you have a lot of quilting patterns? Using quilting stencils is one of the easiest ways to transfer patterns to your quilting projects. Quilting stencils are similar to regular stencils. The main difference in the craft stencils and quilting stencils is you will use the quilting stencils specifically for your quilting projects.

The first step to using a quilting stencil is to purchase or get a free sample quilting stencil for your quilting project.

Lay the quilting stencil on top of the fabric. Lay the stencil down with the sticky side next to the actual fabric.

Use the chalk to mark through the holes on the quilting stencil to place your design. Be careful not to let the stencil slip around while you do this. It should hold with the sticky side down.

Remove the quilting stencil from the fabric.

Using a long basting stitch, follow the marks you made with the chalk in step 3.

You now have your quilting pattern from having used your quilting stencil and are ready to complete your quilting project.