Types of Wood Working

By V. L. Hamlin

There are many types of wood working jobs for those interested in working with wood. Wood work can be separated into two categories, production workers and precision workers. Production wood workers often work from plans and use equipment that makes the job faster while precision wood workers are very detailed, cutting and designing most pieces by hand.


Woodworkers in sawmills cut and shape logs into lumber used to build a variety of items.


Furniture such as chairs, tables and dressers are made by woodworkers in a wood working shop.


Kitchen cabinets are designed by precision woodworkers, often in factories and manufacturing plants.


Many woodworkers work in small shops designing architectural wood products such as crown molding and wooden doors.

Sporting Goods

Wood workers make many sporting goods items such as tennis rackets, baseball bats and boating oars.

Specialty Items

Items such as wooden toys, some musical instruments and caskets are made by woodworkers.

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