How to Tie a Skull Cap

By Louise Lawson
Tie a Skull Cap

Skull caps are an often misunderstood piece of headwear. Dating back to ancient times, the process of covering one’s head with a piece of material has been both a symbolic and practical gesture. People ranging from pirates to cancer patients have been symbolized by skull caps, although for different reasons. Tying a skull cap on is a simple process requiring very little time or effort.

Comb your hair back before attempting to tie on a skull cap. Keeping your hair out of the way of the headwear will ensure that you do not injure yourself while putting the cap on.

Place the skull cap on your head, with the loose tie sections towards the back of your head. Tying the skull cap at the back of your head helps to secure it firmly.

Start with the two outside sections of the skull cap and wrap them around each other as you begin to form a knot with them. This knot will be the basis for holding the skull cap on.

Tuck the loose ends of the skull cap down under the knot section to stop them from flapping loose. Be sure they are firmly secured under the tied section of your skull cap.

Complete the knot by tightening the ends of the skull cap sections. Make sure that the knot is complete and tight so that it does not come loose while you are wearing it.

Adjust your cap as necessary. You can move it up or down if needed to ensure that you get the best fit and wear out of your skull cap.

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