How to Solve a Mosaic Logic Puzzle

By eHow Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor

Mosaic logic puzzles originated in England and consist of creating a picture by filling in squares. Scattered throughout the puzzle are numbers. Each digit indicates the number of surrounding blocks, plus the numbered block, that are to be darkened to create the picture. Use this advice to solve a mosaic logic puzzle.

Look over the entire puzzle. Locate all 9's in the puzzle. This means that the square with the 9 and all immediate squares around it will be darkened.

Locate all the 6's that are on the edges of the puzzle. The block containing the 6 and the immediate squares around are able to be darkened. Also, look at the corners of the puzzle, if they contain the number 4 then the numbered square and all the immediate blocks around it can be filled in.

Check the puzzle diagram for the number 0. Mark all the blocks immediately around the 0 block with a light "x." These blocks are the white background of the picture.

Continue working puzzle until all blocks with a 9 or 0 are marked appropriately, in addition to corner 4's and 6's located on the edge. Once all of the obvious squares are marked, examine the remaining blocks.

Search the grid for numbers that have had the clues fulfilled. There may be a number 2 that already has two surrounding blocks filled in. The remaining surrounding blocks can be marked with a small "x" to signify the white background.

Continue working the grid as specified in Step 5. As more blocks are filled in, it becomes apparent which other blocks need to be filled in to complete the puzzle.