How to Shoot a .44 Magnum

By William Garmany

The .44 Magnum was the world's most powerful handgun cartridge for a short time. Guns that fire the cartridge increased in popularity with Clint Eastwood's "Dirty Harry" movie franchise. The .44 Magnum may not have accuracy over a long range, but it packs enough power to take down just about anything in its path. Once you learn to handle a .44 Magnum, you will have a hard time switching it for something else.

Step 1

Travel to a shooting range. Before using the .44 Magnum for personal protection or a hunting sidearm, you need to have practice controlling it. Going to a range will allow you time to get used to the kick the .44 Magnum produces.

Step 2

Sight in your target and hold the handgun firmly in both hands. The first time you fire the gun, you want to have a firm but comfortable grip on it. Extend your arms so that you are pointing the handgun at a target about 100 feet away.

Step 3

Take in a breath and let it out slowly. As you let your breath out, slowly squeeze the trigger. This will help you to relax as you fire off your first round. Be prepared for the recoil to pull your arms upward when you fire.

Step 4

Relax your arms and see where you hit on your target. Start the process again, firing another round, correcting your shot for the kick you know will come. Practice until you feel confident in your ability to control the .44 Magnum.