How to Sharpen Sewing Scissors

By Ainsley Patterson

If you are an avid sewer then chances are you have probably invested a decent amount in a nice pair of sewing scissors. When you love to sew, your scissors are just as important as your sewing machine, without then you can't do anything, so you will want to keep your sewing scissors nice and sharp.

Purchase an aluminum oxide bench stone from your local hardware store.

Soak the new stone in a pan of machine oil overnight. Store the stone in a closed container when it is not in use to keep it from being rendered useless from dust. Also, the stone should be lightly oiled before each use.

Check to make sure that the blades of your scissors are coming together like they are supposed to, touching lightly as they come together. If this is not the case, try adjusting them on the pivot either by screwing or hammering. Freshly sharpened blades will only work if they come together correctly.

Open your scissors wide and place them on the coarse side of the stone so that the blade is perpendicular to the stone. Then tilt the outside of the blade slightly back toward the stone.

Grip the scissors firmly and rub them back and forth on the coarse side of the oiled stone working from the base of the blade near the pivot to the tip of the blade.

Repeat steps 4 and 5 with the other blade.

Test your scissors and go back and sharpen them more if needed.

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