How to Separate Beeswax

By Todd Campitelli

Beeswax is a type of wax produced by one of nature's friendly insects, the honeybee. Beeswax acts as a form of glue that binds and supports the framework of the beehive. Honeybees produce it when they masticate the flower nectar and pollen needed to produce honey. The resulting by-product is a sweet-smelling, often yellow-colored substance. Before you can process the beeswax, you must separate it from the beehive. Since the objective is to extract the beeswax in its purest form, this requires preparation and concentration.

Gather the honeycombs that contain a lot of beeswax. After making sure that there are no more bees lurking inside the honeycomb, you may want to soak it in warm water in order to release any vestiges of honey or its residue.

Immerse the honeycombs in a pot of water then bring it to a boil in order for the wax to melt and separate from the honey or other beehive parts. You may want to stir it gently with a wooden spoon to facilitate the release of the wax. Some of the beehive parts will begin to settle at the bottom of the pot, while layers of wax will float to the surface of the water.

Take the pot off the stove top and let it cool down. Take the wax pieces out of the pot as soon as the heat has dissipated. Set the raw beeswax aside.

Take out all the debris from the pot then pour water in it. Get a clean, smaller pot and put all the harvested, raw wax inside. Put the smaller pot with the raw beeswax inside the large pot that you filled with water earlier. You now have a double boiler to further clarify the beeswax.

Put the entire assembly over the stove top and gradually heat it until the wax inside the smaller pot melts. You will now notice some debris floating on the surface of the melted wax. Use a strainer to remove the remaining debris.

Pour the clarified wax into your preferred mold. Allow it to harden while taking the shape of the mold. Release the solidified pure beeswax from the mold and store it in a cool, dry place for later use.

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