How to Purchase More Magic Bullet Gaskets

By Alicia Bodine

The Magic Bullet is a cute little machine that chops and blends things for you. You plug it in to the wall, fill up the cup, screw on the blade, place it in the base and then press on the top a few times. In ten seconds you could have a delicious smoothie or some creamy Alfredo sauce. Of course like any other machine, you need to replace parts after a time. One of the parts you would need to replace on a Magic Bullet is the gasket.

Shop at eBay to get Magic Bullet gaskets at a discounted price. Go to eBay's home page and type "Magic Bullet Gaskets" in the search box. You'll get at least ten responses as this is a popular item. The gaskets go on eBay for about $3.50. Don't forget you'll have to pay shipping, but you will have to pay shipping no matter how you order the gaskets. Make a bid to win and then follow the seller's instructions to get your gaskets.

Go to Homeland Housewares customer service page and enter your information. There is a section where you can tell them the nature of your request. This is the box where you write "would like to buy more gaskets." A customer service rep will return your email and set you up to order more gaskets.

Call Homeland Housewares customer service center any weekday until 8:00 p.m. or any weekend until 4:00 p.m. The number is 1-866-4HOMELAND (866-446-6352). The customer service rep will direct you to someone who can take your order.

Search the Internet. Go to and search for "magic bullet gaskets." Other sites such as Trademe will come up with some gaskets for sale at a discounted price. Trademe is a bit more expensive than eBay though with their gaskets coming in at $5.00 plus shipping.

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