How to Play Yahtzee

By eHow Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor

Yahtzee is a dice game that involves matching and pairing off the dice to earn points. There is little strategy in Yahtzee as it relies mostly on the luck of the dice thrown, but players both young and old still enjoy trying to earn the elusive maximum points allowed.

Choose who goes first, either by deciding amongst the players or by rolling one of the dice, high score wins.

Have the player whose turn it is select the combination they wish to use for scoring during this round. Remember that once a combination is selected, it cannot be chosen again.

Roll as many dice as you'd like (save some for certain combinations), up to three times on any turn. If you use all three rolls, then the rolls you achieved on the final roll are used for scoring purposes.

Total the points you gain as a result of the combination you've thrown. More difficult combinations are worth more (as in the case of the Large Straight or a Full House). Take 50 points if you succeed in getting a Yahtzee (five of a kind).

Remember to take bonus chips whenever you succeed in throwing more than one Yahtzee in a game. The bonus chips add to your final score at the end of the final round.

Track your score according to both the upper and lower sections of your scorecard. You get different point amounts for each kind of combination present in your current throw. Total them both.

Use Yahtzees as wild cards to give yourself additional points for combinations that have already been thrown. This option is only available to players who have thrown more than one Yahtzee.

Play a solitaire version of Yahtzee. In solitaire Yahtzee, you're not trying to beat other players, but achieve a score of 375 or more. This is difficult even in multiplayer games. Track your score in the same way you would when playing against other players, and add your points together after the thirteenth round.