How to Play Strip War

By eHow Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor

War is a classic card game often played by children in which the goal is to win all of the cards in a 52-card deck. Now you can play this game in an adult version, adding the concepts of strip poker for a naughty version of an old favorite. With a refresher on the rules of the game and a few tips, you can play this sexy card game today.

Split teams into even numbers. You can play strip war one-on-one or with an even number of players. It is preferable to have even numbers of men and women, split into teams depending on gender.

Set the rules of the game, determining order and number of clothing items that will be removed. Rules may be different for men and women, if desired, as long as the rules are determined before the game begins.

Shuffle the cards and deal the entire deck evenly between players. Players will keep their cards face down, drawing cards from the top of the deck. The last player with the highest number of cards will begin the game, laying his first card on the table face up. After the first card is set down, each of the following players will also play their top cards, arranging the cards face up on the table so that they can all be seen.

Determine the highest and lowest card. The winner with the highest card will collect all of the cards played in the round and will have the choice of either commanding the lowest card holder strip a piece of clothing or putting on a piece of clothing.

Play war if there is a tie for the highest card. Each high card holder will lay out three cards face up on the table. The winner is determined by the last card laid down, high card winning. The winner of war will choose whether the looser strips two pieces of clothing or can decide to put on two pieces of clothing.

Continue in game play until one player has all of the cards to win the game.